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Kansas Geological Society & Library

Robert F. Walters Digital Geological Library

Kansas Geological Society & Library

Oil and Gas Well Data

The Kansas Geological Society Library has the most complete collection of oil and gas well data for the State of Kansas and surrounding areas. Geologic reports, electric logs, LAS files, drill stem tests, well logs and other documents have been donated by industry since 1923.

Robert F. Walters Digital Geological Library has 2,860,557 digital well logs and documents. See the count by county.

Kansas Geological Society

The Kansas Geological Society (KGS) is composed of geological professionals from across the country. The Society hosts many educational lectures and social functions and maintains a library of geological data.

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Bulletin: September - October 2021

Robert F. Walters Digital Geological Library

The Walters Digital Library is now being housed on a new server. This has caused some issues with accessing WDL with Internet Explorer, which we are aware of and are working on. For the time being, please use Firefox, Chrome, Safari (on Mac) or Microsoft Edge as your web browser when using WDL. As soon as the issues with Internet Explorer are addressed, we will let you know. Thank you for your patience, and thank you for being members of the Digital Library. 

oil well by Jason Dilworth from the Noun Project

There have been inquiries about information that has been released by the KCC that is not available on WDL. Please understand that we do not receive the files directly from the KCC; rather, they are processed by the Survey first to put them in a format that our database can display. Those files are then placed in a "pool" of logs for us to link to their appropriate APIs. We cannot upload what we haven't received, but as soon as we do receive them they are linked and made available to you.

We are constantly endeavoring to expedite and streamline this process, but know that as soon as we get the data, you get the data. Thank you for your patience.

oil well by Jason Dilworth from the Noun Project
Please be our guest!
You can log into the Robert F. Walters Digital Geological Library by using "guest" as a username and "guest" as a password. This will allow you to see the digital and paper database of the Kansas Geological Society. If you want to order from us, just give us a call.

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LAS Files Now Available on Walters Digital Library. Over 14,000 LAS files have been added to the database.

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12/03/2018: Large-format Printing
The Library has regained large-format printing capabilities with the acquisition of a Canon PRO-4000S plotter. So if you have a map or cross section that needs reproducing, stop on by!

oil well by Jason Dilworth from the Noun Project
08/16/2018: Strip logs
The Clark Roach donation of strip logs is now in the files at the library thanks to the hard work & donated time of Larry Friend. We have tons of good information only available here in the library. Maybe that piece of your puzzle is here. 

oil well by Jason Dilworth from the Noun Project
06/01/2018: East Range

Scanning of Plotted Geologist Reports & Electric Logs is finished!  

It has been a long process, but we are finished thanks to all the hard work of Angela, Helen, Dottie (previously) and others. We still have many other east items not scanned that can be viewed in the library. Intergration of East donated items both digitally and in the paper library will continue.

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oil well by Jason Dilworth from the Noun Project
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